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Our magnets and separator systems are widely used throughout many industries for the removal of ferrous metals and para-magnetic contamination from process lines and preventing damage to machinery.

APM supply a range of standard and bespoke magnet systems to strengthen a HACCP system in helping to prevent product contamination.

High quality, high powered magnet separators can be used for most applications including powders, grains, liquids, meats/ poultry, plastics etc. and can vary from single bar type to automated rotary magnets with automatic cleaning functions. Many of our magnetic systems can also be supplied with full ATEX certification


We also offer a comprehensive magnet verification and certification service to ensure your magnet integrity has not been compromised over its life time. This not only confirms good manufacturing practice but is a requirement by many of the retailer codes of practice including the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

APM can test and certify magnets and separators from all manufacturers using our ISO certified system.

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