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APM offer an extensive range of metal detectable and x-ray visible products to help our customers strengthen their GMP and HACCP management systems.

These include metal detectable pens and stationary, tools and engineering materials to the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industry to name a few.

By using our range of metal detectable products, users demonstrate due diligence in the protection of their customers and consumer


Extensive, experienced knowledge of metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment, combined with intense individual product testing, APM identified the global leading manufacture DETECTAMET to be the most innovative and highest quality producers.

We are not only the distributor of the DETECTAMET range in Ireland, we can also guarantee to select the correct product for your application to ensure maximum detection levels in the event of the product entering the production process. Our metal detectable products are supplied through our IS0 certified quality system and individual product specification data is also available for full traceability.


With the largest stocked range of common metal detectable and x-ray visible products in Northern and Southern Ireland, we can deliver your order within 24 hours of order confirmation.

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